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Here is my 2006 SRT magnum that has a mild cam and novi 1500 supercharger. I know its not up to the standard of some of the badass rides on here, but this thing is fun to drive, and super reliable (so far)

How it started...

Then i plasti-dipped the wheels to seel hwo black on black looked

Decided to paint the flaking brembos, and paint the wheels

Then tinted the windows

Excuse the dirty pictures...

As she sits today..

I drove it 2500 miles round trip to jacksonville florida and back and averaged 21 mpgs there and back with the family and enough luggage for 3 people for 7 days/nights.

I recently bought a 2005ish 5.3L from a silverado that i am going to drop into something and turbo it...
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