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Sup guys newbie here...

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I forgot to do the offical hi I am a newbie post since I was busy in the other thread...

Name is ReiKo and I am one of the biggest smartasses around... :-D

Car is in peices but thanks to STENOD PERFORMANCE I have one of the baddest SRT-4 cages around...

Pics below... I am trying to shoot for the MM vs YB shootout so I can just see what she can do... Shooting for the 9's and 850whp on turbo plus whatever the direct port helps me with... Car will also have alcohol injection on it... So we will see how all this goes...

Final Product

I just hope I can get this all done in time... I have alot of my plate and alot to do in a short time frame... But it's safe to say all of us are last minute kind of guys... :-D
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i heard that they are gonna let in four cylinders with turbos in the n/a class at milan next year
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