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Smith Oil, Regional Distributor of Sunoco Racing Fuel and HDRA presents:

"Race Away Hunger" 2009 to benefit Northern IL Food bank.
This is a open drag racing event to take place at Byron Dragway on September 20th 2009

All racers, organizations and clubs are welcome to take part in this event. If your organization, club, or business would like to take a bigger role in this event and be added as a "Featured" Club or Organization at this event, contact me for more details.
We extend a invitation to everyone to get involved and see it as a great opportunity to promote your racing series, organization, club or business at this event. Come down, set up a tent and promote yourself while helping a great cause.

These are not set in stone as of yet, but is looking like what the payouts will be. We will confirm and solidify the payouts in the upcoming week or so.

Classes will be paid as follows -
1-4 cars pays winner
5-8 cars pays winner and runner-up
9-32 cars pays winner, runner-up and semi
32-up cars pays winner, runner-up, semi, quarter

Street Muscle (Bracket Class, 11.99-17.99, Sportsman .500 Tree) - $45 Entry
Winner- $300, plus Trophy and $1500 contingency
Runner up- $150, plus Trophy and $1500 contingency
Semi- $75 plus $750 Contingency
Quarter- $25 plus $375 Contingency
+++++ over 35 cars pays 600 winner / 300 runner up +++++

Modified Muscle (11.60 Heads up Index, Pro .400 tree) - $55 Entry
Winner-$400 Plus Trophy and $1500 Contingency
Runner-Up-$200 Plus Trophy and $1500 Contingency
Semi-$100 Plus $750 Contingency
Quarters-$50 plus $375 Contingency

Pro Muscle - $65 Entry (10.20 Heads up Index, Pro .400 tree)
Winner-$500 Plus Trophy and $1500 Contingency
Runner-Up-$250 Plus Trophy and $1500 Contingency
Semi-$125 Plus $750 Contingency
Quarter- $75 plus $375 Contingency

Ultimate Muscle - will not be ran. Instead will be replaced with Midwest Super Stock Mafia.

Chicago Wise Guys will also be in attendance at this event, so Dont miss out on a great day of racing.

Special thanks to 104.9 WXRX, William Charles Electric, Chemtech Oil, and Rock Auto for generously donating to help us put on a successful event.

More information, class rules and more can be found at

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Roger Breeland at Smith oil is a great guy. He has helped me get race fuel for some of the high HP offshore boats that we run at our annual Chicago Poker run every summer on lake Michigan. He will always go out of his way for a good cause. Our proceeds went to the Childrens Memorial hospital in Chicago.

The MSSM "Midwest Super Stock Mafia" will be out in full force to attend this event for such a great cause. I know 1st hand that we will have a heavy showing there.

See ya on the 20th.


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See ya then Frank. I cannot wait, this event has devolped into something great in a matter of no time. Im very thankfull to all the sponsors who have come on board to help out and groups like MSSM and Chicago Wise Guys who are going to be out putting on a hell of a show for the fans. Gonna be a great time for all.

I got the trophies in the mail yesterday of the staging light that I posted on MSSM, they look great. Cant wait for you guys to see them in person.
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