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Not a huge Glock fan myself, but thousands of ppl love 'em and I do know they're damn reliable and affordable. I had an SA 1911 a couple years back and loved it and haven't heard anything bad about their XD series. Shot a rental full size XD45 a couple times, fairly impressed...

So, as stated in the title, XD-9SC vs Glock 26. Definitely want 9mm, less recoil for the gf. What are the going prices for both? I will check my local cop shop on my next day off and see how much cheaper they are...

What do my YB homies think is better and why????

its funny you posted this, i am in the market for a sub-compact to carry wearing summer clothing ( its hotter than hell here in the summer) and my baby eagle is to noticable

i am looking at these two same guns, but in .40 or .357 cal as well as the s&m m&p compact, i am leaning more towards the m&p or the xd, but would like to shoot them first
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