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Street Racing Channel-

Alright here is the official run-down for the Weekend!

-Friday Gates open at 3pm

$15 to Watch Each Day

Kids 12 and Under FREE!


Testing and Grudge Racing All Day and Night (NO PREP)

Instant Green, Time Slips Split

$25 To Test / Grudge

-Saturday: Gates open at 8am

$25 To Race

((Pay Class Buy In at the SRC Tent after entering the gate))

Cruisers and Street Riders meet in the staging lanes at 1pm for the 1 hour cruise. Chip Draw Pairing will be done at checkpoint lot along the cruise route.

First Round will begin at around 3 P.M.

Live DJ In the house! Starting Line Betting Encouraged

Run Order:

- Hard Tire
- Cruisers
- Big Tire
- Street Riders
- Outlaw Riders
- Small Tire

All Classes will be chip draw pairing!

Hard Tire, and Big Tire DRIVERS ONLY Chip Draw at 2:30 at the SRC Tent

Small Tire DRIVERS ONLY will be called up for chip draw at 2:45 to the SRC Tent

Motorcycles will be paired in the staging lanes upon class call.


-Water Burnout only, ONE BURNOUT, you may burnout as far as you'd like.
- Cross Center before the finish line, you lose.
- Flashlight Start by Bryan Joseph , Finish Line judge.
- Jump, Crack Tire you lose BJ and SRC will make calls on Jumps based on slow motion camera footage.


Big Tire/ Small Tire (Same Rules)

Starting line on the 1/8th mile Mark

Finish Line on the 1/4 Mile Mark

Same Rules

Sign up available at the SRC Tent all day

$100 Buy In Either class


Mountain Park Dragway
718 11th St, Clay City ,Kentucky 40312

For more Street Racers Reunion info>>

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Street Racing Channe

No Prep Racers listen up!

Here’s a little refresher!
Clay City, Kentucky
September 28-29th

Street Racers Reunion by: Street Racing Channel

Bryan Joseph will be flagging

This is a REAL NO PREP on an already tricky surface.

Small Tire lock In’s will open up tonight at 6:30! Message me to place your name on the list. This list is expected to fill pretty quickly, so don’t waste much time letting us know you want a spot.

64 Car Limit

Lock in is $50, then at the track you’ll pay the other $75 : $125 Entry Total

Small Tire will be a 64 car limited field. With $10,000 Guaranteed to win at 64!

Small Tire last updated on 9/17/18 at 6.35am
1. Enoch Ball $
2. Carl Hoelscher
3. Ricky Brewer
4. Darrell Crawford $
5. Ted Lanum
6. Doug Keller
7. Joey Alley
8. Heath Hisle $
9. Goran Stanisovski
10. Robert Klassen
11. Gary Davis $
12. Jeramie Mattingly $
13. Courtney D Booth
14. Larry Adams
15. Shannon Todd $
16. Michael McCoy
17. Chris Pilato $
18. Doug N Trish Stover
19. “Lil’ Girl” Taylor Family Nash
20. $
21. “Mamaw” Shawn Preston
22. NOS-S10 $
23. Allen Kizman $
24. Greg Maxey
25. Big Boost $
26. Eric Manns
27. Adam Hildebrand
28. Dustin Gayhart $
29. Ricky Palmore $
30. Troy Smith
31. Chris Woods
32. Frank Soldridge $
33. Robert Nau “AMC BOYS”
34. Josh DeMarcus
35.Luke Corcoran
36. Jeff Cummings $
37. David Morgan
38. Joe Minton
39. Roy Taylor
40. Chuck Glipsy
41. Christopher Nau
42. Tim Wright
43. Donnie Dyer
44. JD Thurman
45. David Morgan
46. Ben Horsley
47. Mike Applegate

The man... Bryan Joseph from Street Outlaws New Orleans will be the official flagger at The First Annual Street Racers Reunion

You don’t get this opportunity every day.
Street Racing Channel
Let it happen!

Bryan Joseph-
I can't wait to see some new cars and meet some new people

Mountain Park Dragway
718 11th St, Clay City ,Kentucky 40312

For more Street Racers Reunion event page>>

For some
Street Racers Reunion Info
Street Racing Channel @ 740-404-1416
Call or Text

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Here A Small Teaser Of No Prep Drivers...

Bill Hoskinson-
Beautiful photo of Carl Hoelscher in “The Rookie” during Pacemakers Cash Days in 2017.

The clock is ticking folks... 3 days until The Street Racers Reunion!

Carl Hoelscher and his team of Street Racing Bandido’s from Springfield Ohio just called me up to let me know...
The Rookie is coming to Clay City for The Street Racers Reunion THIS WEEKEND!

The little small block Nitrous Ford Mustang is a known KILLER!

Look out folks... he’s been down all season and he’s ready to GO!

Carl Hoelscher (The Rookie)

Bill Hoskinson

Alright folks... HERE IT IS!

Coming in HOT to The Street Racers Reunion!

The Father and Son Team out of Canal Winchester Ohio!!!
“Big Boost” Bill Lutz and his son Kenny Lutz are bringing this BADASS ‘67 Camaro to Clay City for The Street Racers Reunion THIS WEEKEND!

Twin Turbo Charged HEMI for power!

Locked in Friday night for a grudge race with Billy Hoskinson straight off the trailer!

David vs Goliath!


“Big Boost” has called “Billy the Kid” to show his hand folks! Let’s see if the Monster HEMI can NO PREP!!!

We welcome Bill and his team to Mountain Park Dragway this weekend to THROW DOWN!

Vic's Body Shop

Street Racing Channel
Let it happen!!!

Bill Lutz (Big Boost)

Bill Hoskinson-
Out of Hebron, Ohio... the little Twin Turbo Small Block S-10 Street Truck of Billy Hoskinson fresh off a Win at Marion County,
and a Runner up at Magnolia no prep this weekend, he’s looking to CLOCK IN AND DO WORK!

He’s already locked in to a grudge race straight off the trailer Friday night with one of the baddest small tire N/T cars in the country... Mr. Bill Lutz in his Vic's Body Shop sponsored Camaro!

See y’all Friday night and Saturday at The Street Racers Reunion!

Street Racing Channel
Let it happen!

Billy Hoskinson (Billy The Kid)

Bill Hoskinson-


If y’all thought we would get by with doing a race in Kentucky without these boys showin’ up... y’all was WRONG!!!

The fellas decided to come to The Street Racers Reunion instead of LIGHTS OUT!?!!

From Caneyville Kentucky, Next Motorsports Race Cars are bringing “Mamaw” the Mercury Marquis powered by a Small Black Chevrolet on NITROUS!

You’ve seen this car in the event video... you’ve seen it at Midnight Madness, now see it #ThrowDown with over 40 other bad ass small tire cars at Clay City!

Street Racing Channel
Let it happen!

Isaac Preston (


Rueben Meade (The Snowman)

Doug Spaulding

Caleb Miller

Again this just a small sample of what coming folks...

Mountain Park Dragway

718 11th St, Clay City ,Kentucky 40312

For more Street Racers Reunion event page>>

Street Racing Channel facebook page,,,

For some
Street Racers Reunion Info
Street Racing Channel @ 740-404-1416
Call or Text

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