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I have a pair of the Strange adjustable front struts on my 89 Coupe.
I have the 150 lb springs on the front , the front weight of car is about 1700 lbs.
Total car weight with driver is 3021 lbs.
I turn up the coil on the strut 1/4" measured from distance between top nut and lower jam nut, and get a 1/8 " when car on ground taking a measurement of floor to bottom of fenders.
I think I should have used the 175 lb springs on the front.
Also have another problem, It feels like there is binding going on on the top of the spring.
Im going to take it apart tomorrow and see what the deal is.
I know I didnt install the bushing at the top of the strut , could this be the problem?
As well I have hotchkis caster camber plates on the car, they are installed on the strut towers , with no spacers.

The springs are also Hyper coils if this helps any.
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