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Strange 40 spline axles into new spool

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Installed a new "ultra-case" Strange center section. Using existing strange 40 spline axles.

Axles go into the new spool about 1/2" and very tough get in further. Been hitting it with a wooden mallet. Not making it move much. Does it really need a good beating to get it in? Like a sledge?

I don't think there is a mis-match in the axle/spool as it's all strange stuff.
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Thanks for the helpful responses.

The axles are on the way back to Strange for a check out in the hobbing machine. Seems that the older axles into a new spool always binds up. It would probably go togather if we clearanced it in (grind/file/glass bead). But I'm gonna leave it up to Strange to get the splines "tuned up".
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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