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*******STOLEN 71 BUICK*******

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Jill Csodas 1971 "Dark Green" (almost black looking ) Skylark was stolen this morning Between 1am and 6am from the parking lot of the Crystal Inn in North East Maryland.
The Skylark was on Carl Ryclicks brand new black open trailer connected to Doug Heckers 1987 Suburban, all three were taken.

Here's the information:

1971 Buick Skylark Dark Green, plate # CMP9567 New York.
"JILLY" on drivers side window...Finishline Motorsports sticker on back window.

1987 GMC Suburban Dark Blue, lots-o-rust, plate # BB9310 New Jersey.

Brand new Black open trailer with Maine plate on it.

Please keep your eyes and ears open, any information, call.......................

John Csordas @ his cell #..........914-447-6068
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Thanks for make it stay up top here is a puc of the buick

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Wow i always went to that hotel for the SSOTN races. Good thing (for several reasons) we decided not to go back there. That really stinks! There were quite a few cars & trailers stolen from the IL/MI area in the last year, i wonder if these jerks are spreading! :evil:
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