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stock th-400 internals?

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How much power can the stock internals take?

Im running a jw transbrake and a 34 element sprag and thats about all for upgrades. Its ran my 3400# car 9.2s at 147 but im steping up the power over the winter and getting worried about whats going to give.

Thanks for the help.
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It really depends on how agressive the converter is. If the converter is super tight parts will break . If the converter has a little cushion the stock parts can be made to handle over 1000 hp quite easily in a 3400 lb car.

Take care ,Hutch
Thanks for the reply Hutch.

The converter is very tight 10"steal stator. Let me give you some more info. The car is 3400# stock suspention,small tire (28/12.5/ et streets),3.73 gears, 406sbc on spray. I'm switching to boost in search of low 8s. While the car is apart im trying to decide if there is any tranny parts that I should look at upgrading input shaft, intermediate shaft, drums or anything else.

Any help would be great thanks.
Upgrades while its apart would include an input shaft , main shaft will likely be fine on the small tires and if the standard gear ratios are used. Int clutch pack and line pressure have to be balanced. An aluminum direct drum would also be a nice addition. HD low roller clutch and steel input hub are a must.

Hope this helps ,Hutch
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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