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I have been reading for days and learned alot. I have a few questions. I measured IC and I believe it is 97. Here are the measurements. Upper rear 20" - front 17 1/8 bar length is 10-1/2
Bottom rear is 9-1/2 and front is 9-3/8 @ 22-1/8.
Center of gravity is 20"

The car weights 3457 with me in it. The rears are equal weight at 822 per side. It makes 1200rwhp and is on a 275/60/15 mt dr. The rear is a 9" with wolfe upper, lowers, and double anti-roll. Strange double adj. coil overs with a 12" 200# spring. The front has qa1 double with congical small block springs and tubular uppers and lowers.

My problem is it dead hooks and then about 10-20' out it spins. The rest of the pass is fine. I turned both compression and rebound to the max and it seamed to be the best. As far as I can tell I may need a lighter rear spring. I didn't try setting the comp to full stiff and lowering rebound. It has only been to the track 2 outings. It is a completly new setup. Any sugestions would be great. Thanks for your time
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