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Merry Christmas......

Other thread was getting a bit congested and vital info spread all over.
So here is a new thread with everything summarised.

Name: Steve Brown

YB name: Lobes

Paid: $16,000 from Parker Manifolds in 2010 for a job that would take 30 days.
End of 2015, still not completed, barely started it would seem.

Lives/works: Terry Walters Precision Engines, Roanake, a trailer.

Comments: Adds very little to YB, but some think he does, usually smart and unhelpful.
Threatens YB followers with suing and physical violence.
Has complaints filed against him with Ripoff Report, IC3 with FBI,

Pretends to be a Christian...

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Well Christmas has just passed again, so I thought I'd better write a quick update on "Lobes", Steve Brown. I'm very surprised Steve has come out of hiding
with Chris Uratchko looking after him. Didn't fair too well so far, with
threatening to sue Dazzler, Clevo, Larry O etc...went over like a lead
balloon. Then you threaten to come over & do physical harm....Steve, I
really thought you of all people were smarter than that. Remember everyone
thinks you're perfect, so now you've blown your cover. Remember, you promote
yourself as a Christian.

Even Chris U, your good mate,did a runner, dissappeared like a fart in a
tornado. No doubt he could smell a rat a mile off.

So Steve, looks like you have no mates to back you up, NOT ONE.
I wonder why??? Not even one of your family members...surely there
must be someone? After speaking with your son Jason [nice guy] you've
taught him right from wrong. At least he had the decency to contact me,
about you & your devious exploits, especially when he didn't have to.
Well Steve, as you well know, he didn't stick up for you, for a second, he
seemed very embarrassed, he knew everything I told him was true. How
do you think he felt when he was told I had lodged an IC3 complaint with
the FBI against his Father. Steve, you have not only put shame on
yourself but your family as well. What about your daughter in law Tara,
do you have no shame or respect? Now you're a Granddaddy, better hope your
grandchild doesn't google your name when they get older.

Terry Walters....he recommended you as a top guy to deal with, but when you
cleared off, he ran & hid & now you're working there, he doesn't want to
know me. When David Vizard asked you about finishing the deal, you wouldn't
answer him, bit of guilt there no doubt. All very well to make smart
remarks from a keyboard from the other side of the world, but when it comes
down to it, you're weak. It shows when you can't answer basic questions
about your dealings with me, because you know it would incriminate yourself.

I put a massive amount of trust in you, when I borrowed $16,000 & sent to
you. You betrayed that trust big time. You said you would draw/make & supply
the patterns/ machine the heads & intake, in 30 days. I gave you a million
breaks, because I knew I had a lot more to lose than you did. Every time I
pushed you to finish the job, you threatened me with bailing out, so you had
me where you wanted me, so after 4 years & you shutting down communication,
the jig was up. So, then I go public & you crack up. Hasn't made any
difference, because you have no shame, even though it's affected your family
& friends, that doesn't matter to you. Just shows how self centered you
are. A case in point, remember when I told you about Yellow Bullet & you
went & checked it came back & told me how they weren't real smart
on there & you would go & have a play. So you showed them how clever you
were by making remarks that were way above their level, so they knew you
were/are smart & they think your God, but in reality you rarely give out
real world help, more like snippets of info to make them think, & they hang
off every word. Good Christian values coming through yet again.

I've had to struggle & borrow more $$ to put my 3 children through school &
Uni, no thanks to you. How many times did you tell me, "my family was my
problem & they had nothing to do with you finishing the job"? Seriously
Steve, just shows how callous & single minded you are. Alas, another great
Christian trait of your's.

When you lost your house to the IRS, I felt sorry for you, & for some weird
reason I still do, but the reality is, if you had of finished what you
promised, that almost certainly wouldn't of happened. Oh well!!!

Well Steve Brown, you can be thankfull for the Misery you, & you alone
placed on my family. There are NO grey areas it's 100% not 99.999% but 100%
your fault. You betrayed me as well as your own family & friends. You have

Remember, being a Christian is nothing to do with going to Church, it's how
you treat your fellow man, especially those that need a helping hand.

Terry Parker
Parker Racing Components

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Why would Lobes/Steve Brown want to trouble himself making money the hard way.

He can just tell people he's going to do something for them, receive payment, and deliver nothing.

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The fact that you keep bringing my name into this, when I have absolutely nothing to do with it, including looking after steve, or anything of the sort.... kinda tells me a little about you, and makes me question the authenticity of you, Terry Parker. Your clan here is only defending a friend or fellow Australian so I hold nothing against them, but I am holding you accountable. If you keep bringing my name into this, I may do some legal work myself in the name of slander. So keep it up Terry Parker.....

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All i can say Chris is that you would not want be in Parkers shoes when some smart arse on the other side of the planet has stung you for $20000 Australian Dollars. All i think Parker was doing is calling for help from your clan. As YB members Chris if one of your clan got stung for 20grand im a %100 sure us Aussies would help you guys out.

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That's fine.... However it has instead been borderline slander by bringing my name into his legal issues. You can't make something right b adding a wrong.
So, is this the real Chris Uratchko talking or the Christian Chris Uratchco talking? Obviously you've never heard of the story in the Bible about the "Good Samaritan." Remember Chris, you are his good buddy, why wouldn't you want to stick up for him. Go ahead SUE ME.

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I don't know why people still question this when Steve Brown/Lobes has said practically that he has taken payment but refuses to do business with Parker cos of some BS about Terry's wife.:rolleyes:

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Oh, here comes the dickhead who practically wants a video of the whole transaction.

fuck off and stick to what you know................

So me trying to get more info from you idiots than you saying "I paid x to y and got nothing" is not allowed? Chris sue the fucking morons all you want. There descended from criminals anyway.

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You dip shit, even Lobes/Steve Brown has practically said that he received money and wont do business with him anymore.

He provided money transfers to said party.

Steve Brown/Lobes has not said that he supplied him anything, and the OP still hasn't got anything.

so what you want is a fucken video or some kind of fucken transcript of a conversation on a phone?

You are one hard to comprehend fuckhead.

Sue me for what dipshit?

Stating the truth?

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So me trying to get more info from you idiots than you saying "I paid x to y and got nothing" is not allowed? Chris sue the fucking morons all you want. There descended from criminals anyway.


North America was a penal colony long before Australia was..

Your descended by criminals anyway.:smt113
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