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Sportsman Media Opportunity

(9-23-2005) - A new way for sportsman racers to get media coverage has arrived. Speed Scene Live is a Drag Racing online video talk show that is available anytime at Hosted by Drag Racers, Speed Scene Live is a show dedicated to sportsman. Every Tuesday night at 6:00 Pacific time a new episode is presented, the shows are also available anytime on the archives page. Their format features race coverage, product reviews, interviews, and news of upcoming events. Speed Scene Live also has free giveaways. Just enter online.

Host Scott Lucky Hudson races his 1966 nova in NHRA Super Gas, Goodguys C Gas, Summit ET, and local Brackets. Co-ost Diana Mite is not only nice to look at, but this pretty blonde gets behind the wheel of her own ’66 Nova and races in Super Street, Summit, and Brackets. She also competes in Goodguys events and has won the Hot Rod class at Pomona. Co-host and engineer, Bruce Barker is the only on air personality that does not race. He is a car show fanatic that has several vintage Fords that he shows. But he has been initiated into the world of Drag Racing. During a Speed Scene free giveaway of Frank Hawley classes, Bruce got behind the wheel of a Super Comp dragster and made some passes. Speed Scene Live, A show dedicated to the sportsman Drag Racer. Even though the hosts are racers, it’s not a show about us, it’s a show about all of you racers out there tearing it up every week. Visit for more info.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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