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Spong Bob Starting Boycott against the NSCA

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Whats up with that????....I heard it up in the Tower......Bob Explain Yourself
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That is BS- try the NSCA is boycotting Bob
Bob is a good person and doesnt boycott unless he is pushed too- lets just say- He ISNT the one keeping us from being in MI -
WEll NSCA makes no sense to me - We will be at Fri/Sat race- so where is the 15 car loss you are talking about? Lets say 5 of those 15 cars show up to make a pass to get on ladder on Sunday- that is more $$ in pocket of NSCA.
Bob is not the points leader at PRO - see there you go again Monty getting your facts mixed up. Cameron Coble is.

Hey - if guys wanted to make a run for the ladder I dont have a problem with it - see we LIKE big car counts- For the first 2 races of the year we had car counts of 16 and 17 for our class alone.
The Pro race is I believe one round of Qual on Friday night - then 2 on saturday morning, then right into elimiantions about 3:00 or so on Saturday- We generally finsih about 11 that night - people either stay and party at the track or get ahead start on driving home.

we wanted to come - but they don't seem to need our $$.
No they wont wait til 7 a we are DONE by then - track secure - time to party ! :lol:

Monty- you come to our pit and I will make sure Eric has some good eats and you know there is ALWAYS beer.

we were led to belive that we may have been allowed to do it because we were coming from another race.

Hey - I only jumped on this bang wagon - because it was brought to my attn that an incorrect rumor was flying around about Bob.
uh- i am thinking that is a no-
we will see you then-
Who said you aren't welcome - you start trouble :roll:
RedGear -
Bob, along with some others, who can race both series - wanted to show up Sunday for one early am qualf to get on the ladder. The PRO race is a Fri /Sat race. We will be done Late night Saturday.
It doesnt really matter as it isnt going to happen. That is why we didnt show in Cecil- even though we were the points leader with the now 2 conflicting races it wasnt worth the 15 hr drive to cecil. .
I know it seems like we were asking for a favortism, which to some maybe we are, but what class/racer would have a problem with an extra car or two to improve the car count AND bring in more $$..
Guys -gain the only reason I am getting involved was because it was posted that Bob was boycotting the NSCA. Iguess to some of you it semees like he is because he is not coming to the races - but keep in mind - he is defending his #1 status with PRO.
Thanks for the support. Unfortunatley,the decision has been made. :(
If you want to see spongey race - you will have to come to 131 on Fri or Saturday.
We really are saddened by the decision as there are a lot of great people that race there that we enjoy hanging out with.
yeah but they have sissy wheelie bars when they go 170 :p
WHAT - Cameron Coble went 169-170 without them
Bob has gone 167 without them also
oh you arent a nobody - :lol:
youa re a legend in your own mind ( JUST KIDDING)
Ok- again- I just wanted to state the Jimmy had it wrong with the start of this thread.
Bob didnt say anything degrogatory toward anyone at NSCA because it isnt his style.
You are too kind Monty :oops:

In case you havent heard Spongey wants to take a year off. I of course am fighting this decision and am trying to get him to change his mind. He will probably do stuff close to home as I dont think either of us could be away from racing for a whole year. Our son is starting to get into Jr's . he has his first taste of it and won the race. He wants to drive an alcohol one next. He tried to this weekend but it was already rented.

Ok- I have to work tomorrow and it is past my bedtime.
He knows it was all in clean fun where you are involved. :p
you need to come race with us at PRO :lol:
Jimmy- Are you referring to why he didnt respong tho this thread?
Probably because he doesnt know about it, I heard about it thru the ever famous NSCA grapevine. I just wanted to set you straight in the fact that Bob isnt boycotting NSCA it is the other way around.
Thanks Redgar - but it looks like it aint gonna happen though
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