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Spong Bob Starting Boycott against the NSCA

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Whats up with that????....I heard it up in the Tower......Bob Explain Yourself
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Im out in Mexico this week.. I even heard that down here.. You guys need to get out of the house more.. Come on Spongy!!! whats the scoop??? :-D
Sue you know I respect you and Spongy... But to be honest the show must go on. The NSCA in the past has made too many changes and/or allowances for people to get in or stay in. I think they need to stop that trend like yesterday. Will they lose 15 racers for that race? Yep, but they will gain 100 more in the long run for sticking to their guns!!
OK question... Bob is the points leader at PRO right now.. Would it be cool if people from the NSCA come and made qualifying runs in his class on Saturday?
I personally dont think anyone should get special treament to race. The show must go on and should not be stopped for anything.... PRO surely in the hell wouldn't do it for an NSCA racer so why should the NSCA do it? I will call PRO tomorrow to see if they will let me qualify on Staurday with 5 of my friends.. What do you think they'll say?
I can't make it there till 7:00 Staurday night.. Will they wait?? :-D

I'm coming to the Martin party instead!! You and Spongy better buy me a beer... :-D
:-D Now the real question.. Will you guys have smoke? :-weed
:cry: :cry: I'll bring some for the gang then... I always wanted to get high with Sponge Bob.. :-D I was going to take a picture with Sponge Bob at autorama but damn that was the most used up sponge I had ever seen... Someone must have cleaned there car with it before he put it on... << no lie.. NPS Nova can confirm.. His wife was there but her eyes aint all that great... <<< only reason she's with John... :-D
LOL I wish I could come out there for a few with you guys.. Im not welcome at racing events no more.. they say I start too much trouble.. LMFAO.. I will be at Milan that weekend depending on how the little lady feels...
Redgar here is the problem... If you let one guy do it then it should be OK for everyone to do it, right? So why should anyone go out Friday and Saturday to qualify? They should all just come on Sunday and go home the same day!! Why spend the extra money on hotels when you can sleep in your own bed for 2 days?
It's not like there will be a bump in the field!! How many cars that are showing up in that class have never went down a track before? These are proven cars and Milan is an excellent track!! It aint some dump where its hard to get a car down the groove.. :roll:
But all the fast cars at the NSCA race... :-D
But you guys/gals @ PRO dont need them cause you aint fast enough...
Jim Monson went around each cone at the Milan race and went 192 out the back door.. He will be racing with the big boys at Milan... :-D
I've gone a 174 without them.. and Im a nobody... :-D
LOL Sue you guys really need to hit the NSCA stuff next season. It's always a blast with you guys there.. Well OK the truth.. leave Bob at the PRO race and come to the NSCA race.. You're way cooler than spongy... :-D
I dont know.. he said some stuff about me on the PRO board...

Oh yeah he said I was picking on him.. LOL Tell him I'll send him a basket with candy in it again... :-D
Thanks Sue and give Bob a hug and a kiss for me... :shock: Awww hell give him a reach around too.. :-D
Sue Curran said:
you need to come race with us at PRO :lol:
Wes screwed that up!!! :evil: I still hate the guy...
Re: Spongy Alive and Kicking

Bob Curran said:
Lets get the fact here,
[email protected] 169MPH 3170# a true 10.5 tire with no wheelie bars and 360 ci stock valve angle head single nitrous kit! Monty you should be embarassed for the numbers you ran in S/M
See Bob win or lose I always have a smile on my face. I never grew up playing sports and mostly smoked weed behind the school. I used to watch all the jocks pounding their chests and yelling when they were winning. Then the uglyness came out when they lost.. Me? I can care less!! Why cause I do this for the fun of it.. I build my junk in the garage. MY MOTOR WENT A 7.86 LAST SEASON AND IM HAPPY WITH IT!!! How fast was the motor you built?? :-D
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