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Spark plugs?

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What are you guys running?I have bosch super plus now.
thinking about autolite racing plugs,any recommendations?
15:1 sbc aluminum heads all msd ign.What if any difference
would a resistor plug or non-resistor plug make?Did not see
anything regarding this on msd,s site.I knowthe resistor is for rfi
suppression,but will a non resistor bother the msd system?
thanks...Northeast fan...I have a set ar3910 autolites given to
me and are non-resistor type.
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I've run both with basically the same engine you have. I try to use the non-resistor plugs when spraying nitrous because they are not extended tip. The resistor plugs last a LOT longer with my Digital 7 though!
Bosch plugs suck. Don't know how they'd work in a race car, but they don't work too well in all of the cars we had to fix.
Every car that comes thru my shop that all of a sudden developed a skip after "new" plugs were put in are Bosch.

Bosch sucks X2
NGK-R or Autolite Race
We're usin Accel plugs. Work pretty damn good for us...even though we're mega slow.
Bosh are junk.period. Get some NGK's or Autolites.
I like the NGK's because they will fire even when they are fouled out. I happen to use Autolite's now because of the cut back electrode. Allows me not to worry about indexing my plugs. But I prefer the NGK's
Thanks guys,tried the autolites and car starts runs and et,s better
picked up a consistant 2 hundreds in 60ft.Northeast fan
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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