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Spark Plug/Carburetor question

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So I recently replaced the plugs in my car....I had Accel plugs in it (416s) that were gapped on .050 with a 70/78 jet combo in the carburetor and was slightly rich.......well I put a new set in last week and gapped to .035 per Accel's recommendation. Much to my surprise, I get to the track and have to add 4 jet numbers all the way around just to get the car within 2 tenths of what it normally runs in the heat.....evidently the narrower gap strengthened the spark ALOT and really leaned up the feels much snappier with the 74/82 combo but I am still 2 tenths off....AND the motor is still on the lean side. Think I should step up to 84's in the back next? BTW, this is a 750 carb.
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Throw the fuel to it. I run my plugs at .20 in my 632 and had to add 4 numbers from a gap of .25 and I picked up .15 in the quarter. Jet it up until it slows down. The more fuel you can burn the more power you will make.
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