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Glad you figured it out.

I've lived in a red state pretty much all of my adult life, ( TN, MS ) I know people get stuck but damn, I just can't understand why people stay in states where they are constantly ass raped for everything, it doesn't have to be that way, move!
There were a few good reasons I stayed for me. 1-My elderly parents that have a big place and need constant help with (lost my Dad a year ago last week, so now it’s just my 85 year old Mom. We’re trying to get her to downsize, but she likes it there and who am I to make her move away from a place she loves and has lived in for so long?
2- A decent job that I lucked into when I was 19 that has a good pension that I’m now receiving. (Being able to retire at 54 seemed like a pretty good thing to me) and lastly, my Son and grandkids that still live there too, my granddaughter is in a great little rural school district with small class sizes and no inner city bullshit. She also loves it there. So in my case there is more to consider than just my taxes. I still own my home in Illinois too, a nice home in a great neighborhood with great neighbors (many are racers and car people) out in the edge of a good size city but feels like the country, down here in Florida It would easily cost double to buy it. My wife is still working for about 1 more year till she can draw her pension too. Then we’re completely free to come and go as we choose. Right now I’m spending a lot of time at our home in Florida, she comes down when she can. Although Illinois is ran by a fat liberal dickhead now, most all of Downstate is not. We have fairly decently ran local government SO FAR and the cost of living isn’t that bad there either, but we do have higher property and fuel taxes than most, it’s not entirely bad where I’m at. It is basically just Chicago that is the blue, almost all the other 90 some odd counties all voted Red.

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