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What the hell? Scroll down until you get to "20th Century". Someone is going to put any Porsche engine in front of a Ford Windsor that was the basis for many great motors.

I'm not arguing that many of these engines were or were not great in their own right , but the GM 3.6L V6 in the top 10?

20th Century[14] BMW
Straight-six engine 1968 - Cadillac
V8 engine L-Head Ford
Inline-four engine Model T Ford
V8 engine Flathead General Motors 3.8 L V6 engine 3800 General Motors
V8 engine Small-block Honda
Inline-four engine ED CVCC Porsche
Flat-6 1964 - Toyota/Lexus
V8 engine UZ Volkswagen
Flat-4 E-motor 1936-

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