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I see no tangiable or provable benifit. If they improved combustion I am sure that the big 3 would be all over this easily implemented technology. These Ideas are not new.

It does sevral things I dislike.

1. it increase the number of cumbustion fronts. This will result in an increased sensitivity to detonation.

2. it allows for more fla area. This is what we do not want. We want the flame area as concentrated as possiable.

If you look at current OE wedge and 4v and 3v layouts you will see they have almost all switched to very smooth and minimally contoured pistons with reduced surface topography. The best advances in piston and chamber design have come down to minimal combustion space with the minimal amount of surface iregulatirty in the topography of the pistons and chamber. The closer we get to smooth and flat the better.

I think this is one of those things that like many other things get us to a zero net gain and offer the addition of more hotspotting which always makes the engine more detonation prone.
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