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The SNRA is a drag racing sports league founded in 2014 by the racers of the former Dixie Pro Stock Racers Association. Paying tribute to its roots the SNRA uses a quick 8 racing format to entertain fans throughout the Southeast and to provide local NITROUS pro mod racers a competitive space to race their hotrods. The association is completely 100% funded and lead by its members to assure the purity of the class. We have had some formidable racers join our ranks and since our inception we have crowned four different champions in the past five season: (2015) Johnny Pilcher (2016) Marcus Birt (2017) Keith Baker (2018) Jason Collins (2019) Keith Baker. We have had a fairly low profile on the drag racing scene and we are changing that for our 2020 season. We ask that you guys check us out at and also on our facebook page to receive the latest updates on our racers and their race for the championship. There you will find our latest schedule updates and dont worry the only rules are it has to be a nitrous doorslammer. If you are a nitrous racer in the southeast looking for a racing family reach out to us at [email protected] and we will gladly share on how to join us or if you just want to race a few races we have a place for you. Most importantly are our fans and there is no such thing as too many of them, we invite anyone to come check us out at any of our races near you. You will be treated like family by our racers and race track partners. SNRA is about promoting the love for the sport of drag racing and creating an entertaining experience and we could do it by ourselves but that wouldn't be as fun, so come see us!!!!

Southern Nitrous Racers Association - SNRA

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