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smallblock header sizing for NOS

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any one seen gains by putting larger tubes on their motor? I have 17/8 on mine. its a big inch23 degree small block on 2 foggers im going to 2inch or possibly 2 1/8any input appreciated
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400 cid sbc, 2 stages, 2" pri, 4" collectors. When I do another set they will be stepped.
430 lsx 2in steped 2 1/8 4in collector.One fogger kit
whats the gain in the step headers
I was going to get stepped headers from Lemons but since I always run full exhuast I didn't think I would see the benefit from them.
No, I don't believe so.....ultimately with a full on nitrous engine the port runner becomes the restriction.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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