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just wanted to give thanks to the adkins racing team , old school spurgon adkins gave the ok for his sons to help me sort out my junk.
as most know these guys are big nitrous guys. they use cryogenics every pass & study the production of very low temperature (below −150 °C, −238 °F or 123 K) and test the limits of the pistons every pass.
so if any of you nitrous junkies needs parts , work or assistance just pop on by there camp @ the up coming revolution event @ sgmp !

as some of you already know spurgon has been in & out of the hospital this year & is feeling better but he is stepping aside to let jr. take over the wheel till he is 100% .

so when you see em @ the track give em thanks for dear ol me please

thanks again adkins racing ;)

ps where is my adkins gear ?
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