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I'd like to hear some opinions on what type of shocks people are using and how you decide on what brand/type to use?

Here's the basic car setup in question.

79 Malibu 3600 lbs w/driver, 55.4% on the nose, 44.6% on the rear
iron headed 454 bbc 13 to 1 compression normally aspirated
th400 trans, 8" ATI converter approx 5400 rpm flash
currently foobrake launched but am planning to add a Griner t-brake down the road
GM coil spring/4 link suspension setup with bolt-on upgrades along with a Wolfe anti-roll bar
current shocks are cheap Laekwood 90/10's on the front with red no-name Gazan shocks out back

Car has run a best so far of 10.27 @ 129.85 mph with a best 60' of 1.415 on a 275/60-16 M/T ET Street radial with 17.5 lbs of air pressure launching at 1800 rpm off the footbrake.

I also plotted out the rear suspension with the instant center being 41" out, 9.78" high and the anti-squat is 125%.

I'm thinking that maybe now is the time to add some adjustability to the shocks, but don't know what selction would be best. Some have said Afco's are the best choice, but their quite pricey and I wonder if their overkill for a milder setup like I run.

A local chassis shop does a bunch of small tire/stock suspension stuff (including Stock eliminator stuff) highly recommended the new QA1 double adjustables for the back and a single or double for the front.

Any thoughts on how you go about choosing the correct shocks for the application?


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I would for sure buy double adjustable and definally say away from single adjustale shocks waste of money. AFCO, Strange and QA1 all make bolt in shocks. I like the AFCO's but are pricey, Strange are really nice and are bit less in price. So choosing the right shocks depends on your budget.
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