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Sheet Metal Housing?

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My buddy wants to build a sheet metal diff housing but we don't know what guage of metal to use. Anyone know?Tks
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his best bet is to buy a fab nine from a respectable source,i use a Tim McAmis piece.they come long and bare so you can brace and bracket as needed.i have tried others but tim's is the best quality i have's not worth the time and effort to build one from scratch.but if he is willing .090-.125 c/m for the center depending on power and .187-.250 tubes.bracing can be made from is a pic of one i just completed for Felix De La Eglasia's procharged outlaw 10.5 mustang coupe.
Tks, I agree it's hardly worth the time to make one but he loves doing that kind of stuff.
That is a nice piece! Wow!
Tks again. That is a very nice piece.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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