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This is our new dual plenum intake we are dubbing the Surge intake. The unique design uses the proven Holley Hi-Ram cast aluminum lower and moves the throttle body under the plenum for several inches of additional hood clearance over the traditional Hi-Ram configuration. Overall height of this intake is just under 9-7/8" from the valley surface of the block.

The basic concept of this design is to feed every cylinder an equal amount of airflow. Something very difficult to achieve with a single entry on one end of the intake manifold. The first plenum balances the incoming airflow and feeds a slot the length of the intake to provide the main plenum with a long linear airflow. This allows for improved air distribution between all of the cylinders and in theory a little power to be had on setups that are reaching their maximum potential. Runner length remains unchanged for optimal performance, torque and driveability. Available in Cathedral, LS3 and LS7 port configurations. Pricing starts at $1579.

Powder coating and dual injectors setups are in the works.

sf06-05001-01 by Shearer Fabrications, Inc., on Flickr

sf06-05001-02 by Shearer Fabrications, Inc., on Flickr
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