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sharp 70" led tv

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good or bad???thanks
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Been thinking about getting the 80" myself
Prices will be coming down on them even more over the next years once 4k and OLED tv's get down to a decent price range as a new market of tv's opens for the even better HDTV's (4k, OLDE). Sharps look very nice to me and the AQUOS line is nice as well, I would not hesitate to get an 70" or 80" if you got the coin right now.
I have a sharp 60 and love it. Great picture.
i have the 60" 120hz/smart tv/ non-3d and its been great thus far. bought it from sears near the end of last summer. shortly i plan to buy another 60, but i will get the quattron 240 3d model.
I have had several, they have a good picture. But the last two haven't lasted very long, 2yrs.4months and just after 4 yrs. One 32" & 50" Aquis. Told myself never buy a Sharp again. My 65" Toshiba has been going strong for 10 yrs. The 50" was to replace the 65", but died early...
Which sharp 70 are you looking at? There's a few.
I got a 70" aquos smart tv and it is bad ass. Awesome picture.
Friend of mine has the Sharp Aquos 60" and its badass, I would get one in a heartbeat.

Anything special you wanna know about it?
I got a 70" Sharp about a year ago and I love it.
I was worried a picture that large might be grainy but it's very clear, especially if you use a blueray disk.
I know they make a 80" and I think they might make a 90" now. I'm sure they're even better.
60" Samsung smart led. No issues. Next will be an 80" and 60" will go in bedroom
I've had my aquos 60" for over a year now and love it . Its nice having the smart TV if I can ever find a house to buy I will get a 70+ as well in an aquos .
I have had to replace two Sharp Aquos within four years. I actually looked at some of the larger versions and if they need to be replaced within four years that's a lot of money to spend for a short life.
I just got one a little over a month ago and like it. It does have a problem with it though. They are edge-lit LED TV's and some of the LEDs are out on mine. There is a noticeable dark spot on the TV where the lights are out. Sharp is sending me a replacement though - and it will be an upgraded model because they don't have any of the one I currently have. When I get the new one, I am going to consider selling it as a new-in-the-box TV and buying an 80"....

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Me being a die hard Samsung TV person, it was tough to convince myself to get the new Aquos 70 LED with the 4th color yellow. This thing is SICK. I am extremly picky and its great. 3D movies are bad ass, Bluray is sick, and even HD cable is awesome. Zero complaints. Even the stock speakers are better than most meaning you dont have to always use surround sound like most 70" and above TVs.
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