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Jenkins Starts Turnaround With Victory In Round Six At QRC

DOHA, QATAR (February 7, 2011) - The way things started during Round Six at Qatar Racing Club (QRC), Shannon Jenkins figured it would be another nightmarish two days.
In the end, though, Jenkins displayed another vintage performance.
The Pro Nitrous legend recovered from more difficulty in qualifying and finally saw the results he had been waiting all winter for in the Arabian Drag Racing League, winning Round Six with a remarkable 3.83 at more than 195 miles per hour in the finals.

“It feels great to get the win here in Round Six, especially following a week of ups and downs like we had this week,” Jenkins said. “I owe it all to my guys for all their hard work and to Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani for allowing us to be apart of the Al-Anabi Racing team.”
The way Friday’s qualifying started seemed like more of the same, even after a 3.83 during testing last week. From there came a multitude of undesirable problems and shaky performances that have too often dotted the standout’s winter in Qatar.
Jenkins qualified in the No. 7 spot with a disappointing 4.75, but things quickly began to take shape as Jenkins delivered a classic performance on Saturday.
He faced Khalid Mohamed in the first round and a 3.87 at 195 mph pushed him to the next round. In the semifinals, Jenkins faced teammate Mahana Al-Naimi, going 3.88 to advance to the finals.
Jenkins saved his best for last, going 3.83 at 195 mph to beat friend and 2010 American Drag Racing League (ADRL) PN World Champion Burton Auxier.
The win was especially sweet for Jenkins considering his notable struggles through the first five races.
“We looked terrible in qualifying. We had a clutch explosion and then had to change motors, which wasn’t as good of a motor as what we had, but we had to and things just went our way after that,” Jenkins said.
He also remained impressed with his teammate Al-Naimi, who went a career-best 3.81 at nearly 197 mph to qualify in the No. 2 position before his red light against Jenkins.
“Mahana is doing a great job. He has learned a lot this season, and he has already proven that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future,” Jenkins said. “We have really gotten his car headed in the direction we want it, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets his first win.”
Jenkins has his sights set on more success before the championship-deciding race in two weeks. Consistency seems to have returned and Jenkins’ ‘68 Camaro finally seems back on track heading into Round Seven, which starts on Thursday at QRC.
“We have made a lot of progress with this race car and it keeps getting better each week,” Jenkins said. “I said a couple weeks ago that once we got the car to come around and be consistent, you would see the winner’s’ circle change, and I think we have proven our point.”
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