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sept24th at milan

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I hear billy gliden is going to be there. How about it Mr.Baio? put on your 10.5's and come play. Can you run with gliden,millen,blevins. If nothing else it would be a good show for the fans. 8)
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Vanilla said:
There is another $5,000 to win race down here at US41 in Morocco,IN. Thats where he will be, along with others from Illinois and Indiana.....

Too bad somebody up there scheduled the race on top of this one... Coulda had 2 races with awsome turnouts....

Have to agree with Matt. If would have been nice if they could have been on different days. While the two tracks are a fair distance apart, I'm sure for the $$$$ involved some would have made the trip to both. Now they have to choose, and so don't the fans. Should be a good show at both tracks, so you probaably won't see a lot of fans crossing over. The wheelie contest with 5 LARGE to win might draw some spectators from the Michigan crowd.

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