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sept24th at milan

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I hear billy gliden is going to be there. How about it Mr.Baio? put on your 10.5's and come play. Can you run with gliden,millen,blevins. If nothing else it would be a good show for the fans. 8)
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Never count out Millen or Golobo

For 5k Team Millen(Livernois Motorsports) wont be making test passes.

Team Golobo might use two kits for that race, plus they can run at 2900lbs!

I'm going to miss a lot of good runs at the track, working on the Shark.

But with Monty's Video's I get to see them, later!

Yellow Bullet Rocks.

I Hope Monson gets his car Fixed :D
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Thanks Chris But, No Thanks

Sharks are very Dangerous

Special Trainers will be there this weekend.
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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