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I'm looking to compare two tires. I think I'm comparing apples to apples but let me know what you think.

1) Toyo TQ's
2) Nitto NT05R's

I need traction bad but I'm not wanting to sacrifice high speed handling (big sweeping turns, exit ramps). I'm currently running Nitto NT-05's and they suck !! Unless you live in Phoenix in the middle of the summer. These tires need heat !! When the are up to temp they preform pretty good but it takes a while to get that much heat in them on the street. And not really into doing burnouts in the driveway before I go prowling for fords.
I've also tried the R888's, same results. Maybe a little better.
Anyway back to the question, I'd like to compare these two tires.

1) traction
2) life
3) high speed stability
4) price
5) size avalibility
6) and what ever else you guys come up with

Thanks...And this is a "real street car"
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