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Sealing rings breaking

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What could be causing the sealing rings on the input shaft to break? It's in a glide, 3000 lbs, runs 5.70's in the eighth so far. They have been broken twice this year. Last time my tranny guy changed out the rear of the pump.
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Is it the rear ring that always breaks? Are they metal rings or teflon?

Both rings breaking. He's been using the metal rings.
I always use teflon scarf cut rings. Is it a turbo spline or p/g spline? If its a turbo spline does it have a support bushing in the stator support or does it have a support in the converter? Maybe post a pick of the input shaft up on here if you can.
It's a glide spline. Don't have a pic. It's at the tranny guy.
Ok, Try the scarf cut rings. Pack assem. grease into the ring groves and put the teflon rings on it. They wont break!LOL!
Ok I'll ask my guy if that's what he'll do. Thanks!
Hi cooler pressure and metal rings is a recipe for ring failure if they are metal.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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