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SBF head recommendation with F2

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When I started building my 64 fairlane, it was going to be a 408w, with AFR 205 nitrous port heads, a 250 shot fogger, and a 4 speed. After bench racing, and too many beers, my power desires have changed.

My goal for the car is an 80% street driven, 93 octane pump gas car that will run close to an 8.50 quarter. I drew the line at 8.50 because I don't want to put a F/C cage in the car.

I am now planning on a 427W, with a procharger 1500 hp A/A intercooler, F2 side slinger, a C&S blow thru, and a built AOD w/ 4r70w gearset. The car has a mustang II front, ladder bar rear, and is mini-tubbed to a fit a 12.5” wide tire. The car also has a glass trunk, hood, fender, bumpers, and will soon get glass doors. I don’t know about weight yet, but I am hoping for about 3200lbs + driver.

I have acquired a Dart 4.0 bore IE block, a lunati pro series 4.0 stroke crank, Lunati 6.2 pro billet rods, the F2, the blow thru, the intercooler, a edelbrock super victor 9.5 deck intake, the AOD, and a 3.25 gear 35 spline lenco locker 9” in a strange case.

I also have a new set of AFR 205 heads with the larger 80cc exhaust, and a set of jesel sportsman 1.6 rockers to go with them and a set of Kooks 2" primary headers with AFR flanges that I was going to make fit.

I have not purchased pistons or a cam.

I had originally thought that stepping to an AFR 225 with 72cc chambers would be enough head and allow me to use the headers and roller rockers and have large enough chambers to keep the compression down. After doing some research here, it appears that I may be better off with a different set of heads.

I would like to get some recommendations for heads, valves, springs, lifters, cam, and compression ratio. This is my first boosted car, so any other info is greatly appreciated. I purchased Steve’s video’s to get me started, but my head is spinning with questions.
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Thanks for all the responses.

225 highports with 70cc chamber is way better than AFR225;s and saw a good deal on here just an hour ago, TFS highport 225 w/ 70cc chamber/new springs and Probe shaft rocker kit for $2K

if buying new, like the TEA/TFS 240highport best though, A good used set of Victor 15* heads if found used/good deal would be nice also
I appreciate the heads up. I made contact with the guy to get more info.

I don't want to break the bank, but the TEA heads are in my range. According to the TEA website, they say the following about their 245CC CNC ported heads:

"This head is designed for large bore (4.125") strokers or boosted applications.It uses 2.100 and 1.600 stainless valves with 45* valve seats.Combustion chamber finishesat 69cc or 75cc. Assembled with Ferrea 1000 series competition valves, Isky 9385 springs (250#seat/600#open), titanium retainers and 10*locks. 7/16 studs and guideplates included.Options include:69 or 75cc Chamber volume.Optional springs can be installed for hydraulic roller cams or for larger than .720" mechanical roller."

Given the specs above, would you go with a 69cc or a 75 cc chamber, and are the supplied springs which are good to 0.720 lift adequate? Will the stainless valves and Ti retainers live on the street?
Heads aside you have to figure out how hard you plan to turn the motor vs blower speed. QUOTE]

I was planning on spinning the motor to 7500 rpm. The F2 is an older F2 with the 5.0 ratio. I am going to start with 66t crank and 52t blower pulleys. If my math is right, that should be 47,596 blower rpm. I realize that is leaving a lot on the table compared to the 66k blower rating, but I wanted to start small.
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