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SBF cylinder heads

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In your opinion, which would be the best choice for a 393 SBF, the 205 AFRs or the Victor Jr.s? I'm looking for the best improvement for the money spent. I'm looking at these two because I don't want to have to change headers or use Jessel rockers. I am currently using Performer RPMs with mild porting. I don't think I can get these heads to perform as well as either of these?? Do you think this would be the case, or should I spend my money elsewhere? :smt017
The car is an 1/8th mile bracket car with a best of 6.56et in ideal weather, 1.33 60 ft., 100mph. 3100# '70 Mustang coupe. Has plenty of bottom end but no top end!!
Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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Not one of your choices listed but I'd use the "new" Canfield heads.

My humble opinion
Tom Cowle
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