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SBC Rotating Assy

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Dropped my 400 block off at the shop for test and check. Was looking at 406 or 421 rotating assy. Shop said they could get a forged kit for $2300 for either size "just let them know". That seems a little high to me with just looking around on the net. Is that right or can I get a good quality kit at a cheaper cost?
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You probably have more to think about than just the cost and weather $2300.00 is good for either. I agree you should definately make sure you know what brands you are paying for.
I have a SCAT 4340 Crank, Manley Rods and Ross pistons that I did not buy as an assembly, and paid about 2K to put in a 406.

Is this a street car, or a race car?

If you intend on racing it you might consider the cylinder head needs.
The 406 will do ok with a 23 deg head. If you want to feed the 421 an 18 deg head would be what you need.

If this is going to be a dedicated pump gas street car and you aren't worried about max power etc, Heads won't matter so much.
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