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SBC Rotating Assy

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Dropped my 400 block off at the shop for test and check. Was looking at 406 or 421 rotating assy. Shop said they could get a forged kit for $2300 for either size "just let them know". That seems a little high to me with just looking around on the net. Is that right or can I get a good quality kit at a cheaper cost?
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Around $1800 has been the going price I have found for Eagle, Scat and a couple other places. so for them to get it for me is the extra $500. That still sounds kinda high to me. Is there anywhere anybody can suggest to get a decent deal on a good rotating assy?
The car is going to be a race car with the option of a few miles on the street. I am shooting for 10's if possible with the build. I have a set of Brodix track 1's with mild port work as heads. Looking for around 12.5 compression, solid roller cam. The car is already set up just need the engine to complete the package.
Thanks for the response Bigd427. I will keep your info handy.
Thanks Jimnova1, I'll check out that site also.
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