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SBC rocker arm question

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i have a set of dart iron eagle 230 heads and am using a set of offset lifters.
would it be ok to run a set of non offset rockers with guide plates.

they would be a 1.5 ratio with 7/16 studs
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Well I recall those heads take a normal guide plate? I've never tried to use an offset lifter with a guide plate in the standard position. You'll have to mock it up and see if it will work from just a fitment standpoint.... The guide plate is going to act like a fulcrum, and the resultant pushrod angle at the lifter, will also exist(not to the same extent) at the rocker but in the opposite direction(can you visualise this?) But that's important because that guide plate is the only thing locating the rocker on the valve.... I'm pretty certain the rocker tip will no longer be properly located on the tip of the valve..... of course none of this is taking into account the dynamics of the resultant pushrod angularity.... certainly not ideal. But if you have the stuff laying around it might be worth a mockup to see the results.
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Jesel makes a 'sportsman' series shaft setup for those heads in the 600 dollar range... call them direct or you might find a dealer cheaper.
I've never used one before, but doesn't someone make an adjustable guide plate? That could solve the issue.
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