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well, and a balding melon.
Yesterday, the boys and I were off to a shoot when jonny law pulled us over.
My sons (11 and 8) are veterans to this but are still entertained.
Cop walks up and explains my lack of a front liscense plate is what got me pulled over and as long as my back plate and license are cool then all is well.
This is the difference in being 18 and 38, my friends.
Anyway, dude comes back, gives me my stuff, then notices the ghost flames and asked me out of the car.
We paced laft and right at the front of my car as I showed him detail and how it's actually two different paint schemes. At one point he even ran his hand accross a flame and I gave him the ole "eee duuuude."
The dude we were following to the event now parked in front of us and now able to hear my boys laughing from the back seat, jonny and I decided it was time to part ways but man, what a cool dude.
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