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Open your EFI software
Click top right corner box with your mouse
Hold left mouse button and drag all the way to bottom left box
Enter +325% (or more if you have spare motors in the trailer) in all boxes

Take your car for a pass!! If you set a world record… tell all your friends what a tuning genius you are and let them think you’re a bad ass mother phucker.. If you don’t set a world record… blame the track for not prepping the track to pull at least 1000 pounds!!

DO NOT!! I REPEAT!!! DO NOT!! Try any other tune up!! This will either work... or the track is shit!! Don’t blame yourself!!!

Sorry for posting this information…

I just cost everyone their jobs and others a 30% tax!!!

Sorry :(

If this isn’t your cup of tea.. Throw some 10.5’s on, tune to the track and run with the countries baddest mother phuckers!! No vampires flying or unicorns pissing rainbows in this class so I can’t help with these tune-ups!!

I love you all and I know you love me back twice as much!!!
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