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Sounds awesome. I'll stay on the east coast.
No kidding.

Only regular "damage" we get out here in a snowstorm seems to be downed mailboxes.

Now that I read it I really doubt any 40 day storms are going to happen.
can't wait for George Klass' weather reports during that one:smt119
maybe it will wash away there debt ....... actually i hope it makes it to nevada , lake mead is pretty dry
Calm down CALM down , it's just a sprinkle..........just ask Coops....:smt067
HOLY CRAP, its almost like the amount of rain we get goes up & down. Next thing they are going to say the temps have highs & lows. its almost as if,.................. if there is an average there have to be extreme highs & extreme lows. thats some out of the box thinking by them scientists.


Im in the central valley, should I move to higher ground?

I wonder if my umbrella policy includes flood insurance?
Surfs Up Dudes!
:rolleyes:Hahaha The sky is falling Henny Penny! Let's run and tell the King! :eek: lol That's why I live on high ground!
:rolleyes:Hahaha The sky is falling Henny Penny! Let's run and tell the King! :eek: lol That's why I live on high ground!
thats where the mud slides are.

thats why I moved to the middle ground. so I can be @ the bottom of the mud slides & @ the top of the floods. LOL.

Well, that's what you all get for all those fucking mexicans. Serves you right.
It acutally picked up a couple of feet today :p

Surfs Up Dudes!
Let it rain, I'm on the high ground and the lake is low.
you will all Die, U have been Warned :p ...........
we've already have had severe weather in socal !!

what about the 20-24 inches of rain my area got in a weeks time the week before christmas when we got the "pineapple express"

back in 2007 on memorial day we had severe weather in the inland empire with rotating supercells that spawned a few tornados
I put pontoons and 2 Merc outboards on my enclosed, I'm good to go!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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