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Thats all we get is rusty shitty bolts. Wouldnt know what to do if it werent for cutting rust out and replacing shit all the time...
Wait till the bolt is almost rusted through, and it snaps when you look at it. Then, drilling rust is harder than carbide!

Why do you think we buy Virginia cars? LOL

One quick tip when dealing with rust. On blind holes, hit the head with a big hammer a few times to break it loose. On a nut, use a piece of thick wall tubing bigger than the bolt, but smaller then the nut. (I keep 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" pipe nipples around just for that.) Put it over the bolt, so it lands on just the nut and whack that good and hard a fewtimes. Run a die up as far as you can, including turning it over and running it up. Then pray. If successful, you have to pay homage to the rust gods for being gracious enough to allow you to remove it. Typical homage is downing at LEAST a six pack. Repeat homage, if necessary.
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