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Whats new for 2006?? The world wants to know.

As many of you are aware we here at RPM/Street Shootout Magazine are here to help. We support the efforts of all racers, series and sanctioning bodies that are consistent with our "Dedicated To The World Of Fast Doorslammer Drag Racing" mission and content format.

With that in mind we would like to remind ALL racers to be sure to send your Team news, updates and/or car/combination changes information to us directly at [email protected] . Please don't forget to send your photos along with it. By doing this you can no only bring you and your team exposure worldwide but also promote yourself and give your sponsors and supporters the recognition they need in return for their generous support.

RPM continues to be the leading force in grassroots heads-up and fast doorslammer drag racing coverage worldwide. We are here for you, the racer and enthusiast.

If you wish to be considered for a feature article in RPM you may also go to our website and complete our Team Tech Sheet online at

All the best for 2006, enjoy your race season and stay safe!

Chris Biro, Editor
RPM/Street Shootout Magazine
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