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Probe Pro

W Dale Brinsfield .084 R/T 6.494 ET 216.93 MPH
R/U Seth Johnson .223 R/T 8.162 ET 164.73 MPH

W David Schorr -.015 R/T 10.695 87.48 MPH

Notes: Brinsfield has run low ET everytime he’s been on the track all weekend, so Schorr opts to save his parts for the final round rather than try to win lane choice.

Performance 2-Way Communications Street Outlaw

Notes: Already into the finals. It will be Conrad Scarry vs. Frank Mewshaw next time up.

ProCharger Street Renegade

W Mike Modeste .007 R/T 7.956 ET 180.65 MPH
R/U Joe Morgan .021 R/T 8.035 ET 171.99 MPH

W Sam Vincent .045 R/T 7.664 ET 158.24 MPH
R/U Angel Padilla .066 CRASHED

W Don Burton .047 7.597 ET 186.41 MPH

Notes: Padilla crashes hard just one round after he assumes the point’s lead. Fortunately, the driver is okay and already talking about Epping in 2 weeks. In the aftermath of all this, Burton sneaks through with low ET of the round to take lane choice.
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