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Probe Pro
W Seth Johnson .045 R/T 7.165 ET 192.22 MPH
R/U Todd Amandus .179 R/T 7.623 ET 205.38 MPH

W David Schorr .023 R/T 6.581 ET 212.36 MPH
R/U Mike Bellew .089 R/T 8.680 ET 163.12 MPH

W Dale Brinsfield .051 R/T 6.451 ET 216.10 MPH
R/U Bye

Notes: Johnson picks up with his best run of the weekend to gain his first career Fun Ford round win. Brinsfield betters his qualifying time during the heat of the day. Winning here would make it two in a row for the former IHRA Pro Mod driver.

Performance 2-Way Communications Street Outlaw (1/8 Mile Format)

W Conrad Scarry .036 R/T 4.579 ET 160.65 MPH
R/U John Choate redlight 4.728 ET 155.96 MPH

W Frank Mewshaw .050 R/T 8.071 ET 80.26 MPH

Notes: Choate and car owner Terry Taylor made a ton of changes on the car and got down the track, but Scarry was not to be denied. Mewshaw shut off right off the finish line.

ProCharger Street Renegade

W Joe Morgan .082 R/T 8.010 ET 164.91 MPH
R/U Travis Franklin .091 R/T 8.129 ET 163.35 MPH

W Angel Padilla .065 R/T 7.976 ET 177.07 MPH
R/U John Worley .092 R/T 8.251 ET 153.62 MPH

W Mike Modeste .062 R/T 7.839 ET 182.67 MPH
R/U Steve Angell BROKE

W Don Burton .186 R/T 7.639 ET 187.11 MPH
R/U Ronnie Wilson .098 R/T 7.997 170.36 MPH

W Sam Vincent .057 R/T 7.540 ET 183.54 MPH

Notes: Franklin comes back with a competitive run after just one qualifying pass all weekend, but Franklin was too much. Vincent betters his qualifying pass during the heat on of the day. The man is on a mission.
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