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rossler turbo 400 question

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How are those tranys with the 2.10 first gear with a stock susp./radial tire car like mine...
will they help like a glide?
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nos81bu said:
i like to go back to the turbo 400 with 2.10 gears and should work fine with my 7531 box....
3600lb 72' Nova on leaf springs w/315-60 M.T. Drag Radial

604 C.I. engine w/Turbo 400-2.48 first gear

No problems what so ever. Was told it would never work so I tryed it anyway.

Best E.T. was 8.31 @168+ turning on the spray .9 out w/.038 jet

Still had lots of room to work,but someone wanted the car $$$$$$$$$$

My personal opinion is I would never run anything but a 400 w/radials,but the 7531 helps.
Monty Mikho said:
nos81bu said:
How are those tranys with the 2.10 first gear
Not as good as a Hutch tranny with 2.10 gears..
Correctamundo !
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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