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Few questions:

My vert should be in the low 12's so i need a cage.

Are bent door bars like this allowed?:

What about swing outs...

Im considering buying this cheap 4 point and putting in the rear bars my self...

The guy said it was bolted in and he just unbolted it... he did say the front plates are welded in to the car... figured welding in some new plates for my car wouldnt be a problem... i want it fully welded in anyway...

For $75 is it worth picking it up??? ive never saw a 4 point cage that is the door bars and the main hoop... he said it was pulled from a 01 saleen he bought that was built for some race on the salt flats... the car was stolen and he bought it salvage. he doesent know the make of the cage.

i was going to order a cage from autoweld chassis but i wasnt sure about the legality on the side bars.:shakehead
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