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Way to go !!

UFC middleweight Nick Ring helped a couple being beaten up in Calgary (Getty)A group of Calgary teenagers picked the wrong time to start a fight. UFC middleweight Nick Ring, who will meet Court McGee on July 21 at UFC 149 in Calgary, witnessed a group of teens beating up two people who were waiting at a bus stop in the 9600 block of MacLeod Trail in the city.
Ring jumped out of his car, checked on the victims and then helped run down several of the suspects. Calgary police arrested three juveniles and charged them with common assault. Their names weren't released, but they were a 17-year-old boy, a 16-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. Sgt. Kevin Brookwell, a spokesman for the Calgary police, said a fourth male juvenile is being sought for questioning and could also face arrest.
The victims were both 17, a boy and a girl. The boy was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released.
"I saw these little punk cowards picking on defenseless people and I knew they needed to come to justice," Ring told Cagewriter.

Nick Ring fights Court McGee at UFC 149 (Getty)Ring had just finished a yoga class and had gone to Starbucks for a coffee when he said he noticed a group of what he believed were 10 people beating up on a young couple and robbing them. He said he saw the group run off with the woman's backpack after beating the couple up.
He pulled over, checked on the victims, then got back in his car and chased the assailants. When he got near them, he jumped out of the car and chased on foot. A bystander, whose name was not released, also gave chase and held down one of the alleged assailants as Ring called police.
Ring called the pack of kids who assaulted the couple "hoodlums" and said they showed no courage.
"They look they think they came right from a rap video," Ring said. "They watch too many movies and they obviously think they're a lot tougher than they are. They think it's OK to rob people, apparently, but it's not. This was a situation where they were just punks, and not very tough people. No one with an ounce of bravery would consider any such actions.
"I wasn't afraid of one of them. They were wannabe gangsters and they needed to be dealt with."
Ring said he didn't know the name of the other person who came to the victims' aid. He said that man did most of the work in subduing the assailants.
"I hope he comes forward and gets the proper credit, because he took some pretty heroic actions," he said.
Brookwell said he did not have the name of the person who assisted Ring. He said common assault is the lowest-level crime.
"I think what they'll look at here is a conditional discharged in which the [suspects] get a stern warning, some community [service] time and the admonishment to be good for a certain period," Brookwell said.
Brookwell said that while there may have been more persons at the bus stop where the assault occurred, "the best information we have in front of us right now is that there were five involved and could be a sixth."
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