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Ring Gap !!!!!!!!

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Based off man spec, Hellfire rings should be gap squared say 24-26 top and second ring in a boosted application(per 4.00 bore) apparently the trend is to open up the second ring .002 - .004 , my thing is that if they are gappped square already the second ring never sees the same heat therefore it will always be larger anyway ??? Granted man spec is usually just a starting point due to many variables, Whats right whats wrong ???
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You said what I have been wondering the top ring should be hotter therefor should be tighter gap compared to 2nd ring unless they are a different material....
They ARE different material. Stick to what they say in the spec unless you have data that says different on your engine.
Everytime my motor is pulled down i check to see if there is any sign of the gaps butting.If there is none i close them down .001". If there is i open them up .002". You need that data to make decisions on gaps other than oem gaps..
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