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rick sorenberger's wreck?

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i heard it was somewhere around here and i just was wonderin if anyone knew where...thanks :D
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i mean the video i wanna see the crash does anyone know?
well does anyone know radical rick? well thats the same guy
drives a pro modifed with giggle juice
You might want to check the video section for it. Im not sure who the guy is or what the car looks like.. Wish I could help.. :cry:
i was told it was on here in a "run what you brung" section, oh well ill have to ask him and find out more details, thanks for your help.
Are you talking about the 68 Camaro that wreaked? If so, follow this link.

Click on @nd Round Qualifying and run the video at 1:05 and it will be the start of the run all the way to the crash...
that was the one! thanks alot!!! :D
No problem.. Hope to see you at the next Milan event.. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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