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RFD Cylinder Heads

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Watch this space.;)

In the meantime, if you have any negative stories about RFD, please post em up.

I sick of this forum thinking he is some sort of cylinder head god.
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I got the decks cleaned up from my machine shop and while there asked them to cc the cambers. Chambers came out at 98cc and with a piston (RFD supplied) with 4.5cc dome, compression came out to be about 12.3:1.

I asked for 15.0:1 comp and the heads had a chamber too large. He told me to deck the heads to get chamber size down but the valve pockets were not deep enough to do that. He supplied pistons too.
After pressing him to make good and do me another set of heads, he then said it as a piston problem and to send them back to him for a look.
I sent the heads in to get the decks done and got them flowed when they were there. Number were way down as per the pic I posted in that thread.
I know you don't race flow benches, but if your supplied a flow sheet with a set of heads, then they should flow what the sheet says or at least close to.
I sent a email to ask why they are not as should be. The reply I got was from Dan that said "When will your engine be finished". Rang a couple of times and left messages as no one answered.
Decided to fix the problems myself and give him the flick.

Its cost me $6k for machining cc check and flowed, new pistons and new exhaust springs and shims to match the cam that he organised for me too.

I spent about $15k US with him (heads complete, sheetmetal manifold, pistons, rings, pins) and didn't get much satisfaction.

Awaiting new pistons to arrive at the moment. When I get it sorted and dyno'd, i'll post power figures.
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I will add that these are Dart 11* heads.
I do also have most of the emails and PM's between us to back it up.

He did say he was going to help me sort the problem until i asked about flow numbers then communication practically stopped.
These were sent to me in PM's. Names withheld. Someone might come in one day and take ownership.

I had RFD do a set of heads for me. 45 cfm down at .600 and they never reached his claimed 390CFM. These were for a Harley. When I received the heads back, the valve train geometry was a mess, and the Pistons he had made were made with not enough valve pocket.

Cost me 2k to get new valves and custom rockers, and have the Pistons measured to proper clearance.

The heads are on his site.

I called to fix this and have never received a return call.
and another................

My full on "no expense spared" set of Victor Pros came with surface rust on the springs. The T&D rockers he designed (For the Victor Pros) had to be modified by Steve Morris in order to work. These heads are for my 3000HP twin turbo build and he had 3/8 pushrod holes.

I left a message for Dan but never got a return call so I moved on and had Steve Morris address the issues.

Both, he and Dan were a pleasure to work with but not returning calls doesn't work for me
From Dart website.........

Flow, Intake: 522 cfm @ .900" lift/28"

Flow, Exhaust: 352 cfm @.900" lift/28"

Paid over $8K for a set of heads from RFD and lost 20cfm over a Dart factory ported head.:confused::rolleyes:
OP, you seen the new Profiler 9 degree bbc heads? ..could be a good option.

Not investing in another set of heads now.

We will see what power these magic RFD heads will make.

I will be planning for a upgrade after I get some seat time in the car.
Dont know. But i wish i had of found a thread like this before i invested in his product.
They used to make some nice heads, i have a set i bought some years ago and i am happy with the performance. Someone told me Curtis isn't involved anymore, don't know if that's true. Maybe someone here knows?

I spoke with Curtis prior to ordering. I spoke with Curtis and Dan when I had problems before they stopped responding.
As far as I know it was only Curtis and Andrew in the shop, and Andrew has now been replaced by Dan.
Landed my new pistons this week. Another $3K+ AU from my pocket without help from Curtis.

For those that haven't done any back reading, Curtis supplied the pistons I originally had that didn't work. There're now door stops or ashtrays.
I'm told it's one of curtis ol mates that built the engine so he would have got what he paid for. Can't screw a mate over.
Your right there. He's given little info on build, engine or even what heads........

Here is a link to no info....
As stated above, not bashing you, but this is the "negative sellers feedback section". Feel free to post your experience in the N/A section, but this thread is not what this is about.

Did you end up getting the chamber softening that you paid for done?
As ive said before............

everyone makes mistakes at times, but its how they are resolved that separates a good company or a bad one.
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