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RFD Cylinder Heads

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Watch this space.;)

In the meantime, if you have any negative stories about RFD, please post em up.

I sick of this forum thinking he is some sort of cylinder head god.
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Sounds like a Real Frickin Disaster.
I have been told that Curtis is more interested lately in Cinematography than cylinder heads as shown on his Face Book pages. If he sees this, maybe he will comment and we will know he is checking here and interested in RFDs future sales/quality/reputation. Or not.
Curtis is at Lights Out 9 and has Media credentials, so looks like he's takin "pitchers".
but RFD makes the mostest badazzest heads in commy-ville. wtf up wid all da mumbo jumbo? flow #s dont meen shit and race heads iz sposte to haz cracks all thu em.
And leak water. Just ask Indy cyl heads. No extra charge for the added cooling of water leaks and cracks.
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1 - 3 of 147 Posts
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